Project Manager/Project Controller

Semarang, Indonesia

As a Project Controller, you will be responsible to oversee the execution of a project from its start to the finish. You will bridge communication between stakeholders, mainly the client and project team, and keep everyone on the same page. Mainly, you will need to deliver weekly project reports and project documentation.

You will need to ensure the project runs smoothly and finish on time and up to agreed standard.

An ideal candidate would possess strong leadership and communication skills, and be able to adapt to changing project situations.

Job Description:

  • 1. Be responsible for the completion of assigned project
  • 2. Lead communication between internal and external teams, including initiating and leading meetings
  • 3. Plan and assign tasks to team members
  • 4. Ensure proper project documentation (a project admin will help you), including progress report
  • 5. Decide the direction and execution of the project
  • 6. Keep the project within planned timeline, scope, and budget
  • 7. Monitor project execution and report risks found to the stakeholders (internal and external)


  • 1. Working experience at least 1 year
  • 2. Education D3/S1 (IT Graduate preferred)
  • 3. Strong leadership and communication skills
  • 4. Able to work under minimal supervision
  • 5. Willing to travel as required by project
  • 6. Understand project management
  • 7. Experience in a project, managing an event, or organizational duty is a plus

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